Achievements of Kamaraj

Achievements of Kamaraj

The Great leader K. Kamaraj took charge as CM on 14.4.1954.He rode as a lion in the chariot armed with veracity, charity and chastity with charm and chivalry. The achievements are manifold. Here are some of them.

1. The NGO’s demanded the DA for them. The News Papers of the day condemned this as the “Evil spirit had no right for this”. The government officials approached him. Kamaraj advised them to approach the government through their Association. At that time no one was as such. They collected funds in Virudhunagar and Rajapalayam, registered the association and submitted proposals. The government appointed the pay commission and it’s recommendations with the increase of emoluments were released in 1960.

2. The families of the political sufferers were undergoing untold sufferings. On the suggestion of R. Gurusamy Nadar, the family members were appointed in various suitable posts in development blocks as social welfare workers, spinning organizers etc.

3. The CM was in charge of community development program. The IAS officers like Sub collectors were given training in T. Kallupatti Ashram on CD program so as to implement the scheme effectively.

4. The candidates passed or failed in SSLC were appointed in suitable post in the governments departments.

5. He dedicated in KRP reservoir in October in 1957 constructed at the cost of Rs.16.9 million (1.69 crores) with the height of 52 feet with 7 shutters (Now the cost of repairing one shutter counts one crores).

6. The CM advised the sightseeing government officials about Town Planning instead go to the Meenakshi temple and around the city for planning. He was more practical than theoretical.

7. He wanted proposals from the officials to supply drinking water to the villagers and then approved it. (They suggested water supply to the city at that cost).

8. The officials were not able to take a decision on a file. Kamaraj perused the file and found solution to the tangled knot very quickly.

9. With tact and sagacity he found Prambikkulam and Aaliyar projects with the Kerala Chief Minister EMS.

10. Srinivasa ayyangar (Kamal’s father) was a staunch freedom fighter. He wanted a seat in Presidency College for the degree course. All seats were filled up. He was accommodated increasing the seat some more.

“Brevity is the soul of the wit”. These are chronicled in a short span of pages. “And fools came to scoff now remain to pray”. Once when they hurled abuses, now come to praise him. He laid solid foundations for all schemes. It is left to the following rulers either to mar them or beautify them. The future will judge.

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