The Great Kamaraj

The Great Kamaraj

Kamaraj is a genius; much more than that. He was not unlettered or illiterate as made out by some critics. He was a born genius. He was a revolutionary in the realm of politics. With native intelligence and prodigious memory with topographical knowledge. He was more than a M.A degree holder. His achievements are manifold in Tamil Nadu. He held the reins of governance only for 7 years. No one can outstrip his colossal achievements even by in the coming 100 years. He rode like a colossus in the central politics. The huge warrior Caesar like Nehru sought the advice of this humble puritan.

“The work is worship” was his motto. The honesty thy name is Kamaraj. The talisman was serving the country till his death. We can call him a jail man. When he was contesting the municipal elections, he was behind the bars.

In those days, Virudhunagar was a small town called as virudhupatti. When it became a big town, the name was changed into Virudhunagar and then came Virudhunagar municipality. The local body elections were announced in 1937. In that time kamaraj was in Bellary jail.

The Virudhunagar town was a fortress or stronghold of justice party. VVR was the icon of the party and the community. No one could dare say against his words and deeds. To contest the elections against the justice party, it was a stupendous task. How to counteract the situations? The matter was discussed in the congress party circles. They came to the conclusion to put up kamaraj as a candidate for Chairmanship. RTPS- Reddiapatti Subramaniya Nadar (who became later a devotee of Rajaji and ardent devotee of Acharya Vino Bhavae as well) and R. Gurusamy Nadar (later became the secretary, Gandhi Nikaaethan Ashram, T. Kallupatti) took the challenge. They collected funds and arranged meetings in the various parts f the town. The former was the orator as Mark Antony, and the later accounted funds raised.

In the elections, Kamaraj became victorious. They met the lion in the den. In later days in the elections for Assembly Kamaraj met a setback. The illiterate and innocent voters voted against him duped by the half drawer’s children who prostrated before them. The Tamil Nadu lost the illustrious and the glorious epoch making person in the elections.

Released from jail the veteran leader Sri Kamaraj came to the Town. He tendered his resignation as Chairman even on taking charge. He told them the calling for the party work could not be refused. Throwing away as a shawl on his shoulders, he went away to serve the country. Not only that. In 1963, He was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Resigning the post, took up party work – No one can believe this. The congress president post was offered to him.

In 1964 Nehru expired the country became an orphan. The Prime Minister’s post fell on his shoulders. He was then as congress president. He refused it as if Julius Caesar refused the crown offered to him by Mark Antony thrice. Lal Bhagadhur Shastri became the Prime Minister. On his demise Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister. Kamaraj became the king maker. He walked on the high way as Hercules.

In 1967 elections he was defeated but took it as a victory for democracy. The people threw away the precious jewel away from their hands. Kannadhasan the lyric poet says even the monk or sanyasi had a bowl (thiruvodu) in his hand. Kamaraj had none. He died on second October in 1976.

Tail peace:

Thanks to the hard and unselfish work for freedom. The country became free. We are enjoying the fruits. This is recorded on oral information given by RTPS (sarvodaya leader).

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